“God – or nature – actually gave their best when they created little boys. It is unreasonable to assume that the normal reproductive organs are inherently flawed. And indeed, the reproductive organs are perfectly designed to serve their purpose in the most powerful, wholesome, graceful, and dignified manner. Out of respect for humanity, I call upon the medical profession to leave the genitalia of children alone.”

Quoted from Doctor Morris L. Sorell in the book “Secret Wounds” by Hanny Lightfood-Klein (2003).

In 1994 in an article she wrote for the book “Human Sexuality – An Encyclopedia” by Bullough & Bullough, Marylin Milos (founder and director of NOCIRC) presented the results of several scientific studies assessing the effectiveness of various painkillers in circumcision. To this end, the blood of the boys concerned was examined with regard to the amount of stress hormones released. She came to the following conclusion: “No painkiller can protect against or relieve the pain of circumcision, not a single one! The only way to prevent the pain of incisions in an infant penis is not to cut into it.” She also noted: “The babies in the control group cried, screamed or fainted when the most sensitive part of their body was simply cut off without any anaesthetic.[…] No university ethics committee would allow researchers to perform such agonizing tests on laboratory animals. Why hasn’t any ethics committee protected children’s rights to their genitalia?”

Quoted from “The Circumcision Scandal” by Hanny Lightfood-Klein in “Secret Wounds”, 2003.