In addition to general education¹, information transfer² and education³ (primary prevention), the existence of FGM requires, in the first instance, a reappraisal of the problem in order to bring about a profound change in awareness. For this reason, the core approach of Mahaliya e.V. includes the active involvement of the affected women, who cannot be reduced to mere “victims”. For they have the potential to contribute to resolving this issue in the long term. We regard them as a bridge between tradition and contemporary responsibility for future generations. Restoring the natural need to protect their own (grand) children, can create a safe environment in which girls can grow up unharmed.

The effects of old traditions over time

If prevention is to be effective in the long term, it is essential to point out the far-reaching consequences for those affected and their environment. However, it is equally important to bring the repression of this specific act of violence into the consciousness of the individual and the community. For the deep negation of and disregard for femininity and women cannot be remedied by legal provisions, even though these must be regarded as important preventive measures.

Our concern is to remind people that living forms of power and beauty are being despised and destroyed out of fear and ignorance. This results in devastating consequences where a person’s vital flow of life dries up.

  1. In this context it is important to sensitize as many people as possible by means of broad public relations work in educational institutions and the health care system.Such as basic school knowledge, language skills and a fundamental understanding of humanitarian values
  2. Above all, the universal right to physical integrity and sexual self-determination, as well as the legal situation and facts concerning FGM
    regarding one’s own body and sexuality